Swapping Cultures

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Swapping Cultures across Balkan

Swapping Cultures across Balkan was a seminar organized by the Beyond Barriers organization from 15-19 October 2009, in Durrës, Albania. The project was financed from the CoE and the European Youth Foundation. This project was focused on community cohesion and peace-building issues and brought together 20 young people from South-East Europe to work together on improving intercultural understanding and fostering respect for other cultures. Young people from Albania, Kosovo/Serbia and Macedonia live in a challenging and rapidly changing political and social environment, and their fates are largely intertwined.
However, they get little opportunity to meet each other and to discover each others' cultures, which could facilitate peaceful coexistence between them. Swapping Cultures Initiative is a methodological instrument and training package elaborated and successfully implemented in the United Kingdom, as a tool for promoting greater social cohesion and intercultural understanding in the Balkans, with particular reference to Albania, Kosovo/Serbia and Macedonia. The main aim of the project was to introduce the Swapping Cultures methodology to participants and to train participants in the use of this methodology so they can act as multipliers in their communities/organisations, in order to build social cohesion and improve interethnic relations in SEE.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeNEPmcYXno