Identifying Roma disabled people

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Identifying Roma disabled people

The project “Identifying Roma disabled people” was implemented by the Beyond the Barriers Association and was financed by Kind Zijn - Holland.
The project aims to identify the problems of Roma Disabled and to identify measures how to intervene to improve their lives and to integrate them in the society as full citizens entitled to enjoy all rights and freedoms.

This phase was foreseen to collect information on the situation of Roma disabled persons in the city of Tirana and in other cities of Albania in order to build a need assessment of the situation of this target group.

In order to identify ways how to improve their situation a seminar took place on May 17th 2006, where we invited different organizations and institutions which are working with Roma people and disabled people and presented to them what we found in our survey.

After the seminar a booklet was prepared in two copies, in English and Albanian.