Photo Communication

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Photo Communication

Photo Communication” was a Youth Exchange which involved young people from EU and SEE countries and took place from April 6th to 13th 2009 in Vranje, Serbia.

The main idea of the project was to work on intercultural dialogue through photography.

Photography has proved to be a very efficient medium in working with youngsters. Our organization had organized a communication project in southern Serbia the aim of which was to establish a dialogue among various ethnic groups living together in the same country. This inspired us to work on intercultural dialogue through photography with people from different countries.


The exchange involved debates and workshops on intercultural learning, different cultures, getting to know daily life of youth from different countries, learning about human and minority rights, combating xenophobia, discrimination and prejudice through non-formal education.

The participants also had a chance to improve their photography and photo communication skills. The participants were invited to present their countries, their traditions, drinks and food.
The groups were as multiethnic as possible.

Participants worked together on a photo exhibition and after the exchange had the opportunity to present their work in their local communities.