Summer School with children from the Luigj Gurakuqi Special School

This project was financed by UNICEF and the SOROS Foundation and was implemented between 1st and 30th August 2011 by the Beyond Barriers Association in the Luigj Gurakuqi Special School in Tirana.

You can watch a short material about the project here:

In the hottest month of the year, when a lot of people go on holidays, the staff and 10 English volunteers of Beyond Barriers along with local volunteers from the Local Voluntary Service Center, teachers and staff of the Luigj Gurakuqi school decided to devote their time to children with disabilities. They all spent one month with the children, teaching, playing games and sport, going on trips, visiting places of interest in Tirana, enjoying and having fun.


The goal of the summer school was to offer children with disabilities, through creative educational activities, the chance to learn while having fun and also to promote education and foster the children's participation in the school system. This programme gave children an opportunity to socialise and overcome the isolation which characterises their group.


The goals of the project were:

  • To empower 120 children with disabilities through practical and creative activities

  • To stimulate their personal development through team activities and to help them overcome the isolation characteristic for their group

  • To foster and develop the children's abilities to become more independent and active in social life

  • To encourage the children to take part in different activities like art, sports or leisure activities

  • To promote voluntarism among youngsters and their active participation in helping children with disabilities

  • To raise awareness of the public about the needs of children with disabilities and to fight discrimination against this group


The pupils were divided into 3 groups of 40 children. Every group attended school for 10 consecutive days following a programme prepared according to their needs. You can see some of the activities performed at the summer school in the video.


Beyond Barriers, volunteers from the Local Volunteer Center, the EVS volunteers, children and staff of the Luigj Gurakuqi school would like to thank UNICEF and SOROS Foundation for supporting this project and for offering the children a beautiful summer! THANK YOU!


On September 23rd 2011, in the facilities of the National Museum in Tirana, Beyond Barriers will organise an exhibition of the children's work from the summer school. Come and see the children's artwork!