Christmas Party for the children of the school Luigj Gurakuqi

Few days ago, on the 15th of December the EVS volunteers of Beyond Barriers Giulianna, Vania, Alberto and Joao, organized a Christmas party for the children of the special school Luigj Gurakuqi. With very simple materials, a lot of creativity and skills they managed to create their costumes: a reindeer, a Christmas tree, a sled, a big gift package and of course, Santa Claus was the special guest.

The children were really surprised when they met the volunteers dressed up and after few minutes they started to go to them taking some sweets and asking for a picture with Santa Claus.

The event was really successful, the children were happy to have the party in their school with the volunteers who came back to their childhood for a morning.

“The best satisfaction we can have is making them so happy. Sometimes you do not realize that with simple things and few hours of work you can see the happiness in their face!”- our volunteers said.

The volunteers will take a break for Christmas holidays but in January they will come back to their work in Luigj Gurakuqi School organizing new recreational and educational activities for the children.