Our Mission:

Beyond Barriers Association (hereinafter BBA) was created in June 2004 from the initiative of a group of youngsters with and without disability. BBA is a non-profit, non-governmental and voluntary based organisation that defends the rights and interests of young people.

The mission of BBA is to promote equal opportunities for all youngsters, especially for those with social disadvantages and different abilities, by offering them support to get empowered and take active part in community life.

Our final goal is to integrate youngsters with social problems and disadvantages in social life.

Our Objectives:

- Supporting youngsters with social disadvantages in order to solve in an independent way problems they face in their everyday life.

- Creating opportunities to empower individuals with fewer opportunities so they can make free choices and reach professional fulfilment in their life.

- Creating and enhancing several activities adapted to the needs of young people.

- Organising of youngsters in different social groups, helping thus in their improvement and the development on the social and personal level.

- Moving towards and promoting a social model of disability.

- Raising awareness of youngsters with disabilities and the communities about their rights.

- Diminishing discrimination towards individuals with disability.