Directing structure of the Beyond Barriers Association: 

1. General Assembly – is a decision making structure represented by the Board of Directors, composed of youngsters with and without disability; 

2. Executive Director – representative of BBA;

3. Staff – BBA has 4 employees from which 2 are full-time and 2 part-time employed. Meanwhile, there are 6 other volunteers that operate as staff members and give their contribution volunteering in different activities. Since the organisation operates on a project basis, when a budget is approved, members of this volunteer group get employed with service contracts only for the time of the project;

4. Financial Officer – is the person that follows all the economical and financial activity of the association. This person is under the responsibility of the Executive Director and he/she is selected from the Board of Directors. BBA closes its balance at the end of each year and the balance is verified by a specialist.