Disability in Albania

General situation of people with disabilities in Albania:

At the moment the total of people with disabilities is 75,044, but this number includes only those who are considered as subject of payment of allowances. The real number might be significantly higher. Albania has a disability legal frame, and all the disabled people have the same rights (education, employment, health) and freedom as others citizens (Article 25 of the Constitution of Albania), but there is still a lot do in terms of their implementing. Regarding the employment situation, the Labour Code prohibits any kind of discrimination and the working hours are reduced to 6 hours per day. Theoretically out of 25 employees, one should be a person with disabilities. Unfortunately this law had been poorly implemented. Regarding the education - many structures are inaccessible, thus teaching staff has no special education on disability. In Albania, being a person with physical disability means a condition without hope associated with discrimination. Prejudices against disabled people are still strong and discriminating. Moreover, most of the disabled people are poor and have small access to health service.