Youth Exchange in Mali Idos, Serbia: LoCoEco

Being Eco –Friendly in Mali Iđoš,Serbia   …One of the activities ,where volunteers of Beyond Barriers participated in July was the youth exchange which took place in Mali Iđoš. The youth exchange  LoCoEco  gathered  together young people from 6 countries around Europe including : Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Spain, Poland and Albania.

The aim of YE LoCoEco was :Developing  ecological  attitude in the local community and creative recycling from reusing old objects and materials : bottles (space chess; flower containers ) , turning and old mirror in a beautiful table or even from pieces of papers making beautiful bracelets and necklaces.
Lasting  from 18th  - 28th  of July 2013 , first the participants had the chance to discuss about environmental initiatives taken  at  their home countries, in this way being able to learn from each other and to see how could they make the eco-situation better once they got back home. A workshop was organized in the nature of Katai , where each country represented their idea of creative recycling .The day in the end came out with really cool and nice ideas. After the workshop the days were busy and full of work. You could notice every participant giving his/her  contribution in making  new things with the reused material. Another  good thing was putting participants into mixed cultural teams and the TEAM SPIRIT was into the highest level. One of the things participants were happy about  was they got even the help of local community of  Mali Iđoš. LoCoEco-ers spent a whole day going door to door collecting objects and recyclable material given by the local people and secondly  letting them know about the big  event . In this case they had the chance  of discussing with locals even about  their concerns for environmental issues in their hometown. Participants even enjoyed some free days : Trip to Backa Topola and Subotica , relaxing on a sunny day and learning new things about Serbian culture .Another unforgettable part of the YE were the International Night of the countries. Every country unique in its own way : hospitality of Albanians , Bosnian ancient culture, Spanish Sangria and the delicious rye bread soup of Latvians, traditional Serbian dances and in the end a Polish wedding.Thanks to the locals and  their ability of being creative the LoCoEco-ers managed to create a lot of objects that could catch anyone’s eye. And all of these were achived by Creative Recycling At last but not least the big event of LoCoEco happening on 27th  of July. According to our expectations a lot of people showed up , the place was divided in different corners. It was a part for Group of Games : Eco monopoly , space chess, domino. All the objects that were created during the 10 days were offered in a lottery , and most of the locals took a gift. Some of the participants were hand-making some bracelets papers and some others giving a really good point of view about Water Usage. There was even a corner about EVS ( European Voluntary Service)At the end of the day the locals really enjoyed the big event and we were happy that our  efforts succeed.