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Walking the path of reconciliation- empowering communities for a peaceful society (Walk On) is a
capacity building project financed by European Union under the Erasmus plus Program. The lead
organization is Beyond Barriers Albania in cooperation with five other partners from: Kosovo-Lens,
North Macedonia-YCC, Serbia-EKC, Croatia- LDA Sisak and Bosnia & Herzegovina-Mladi Volonteri.
Reconciliation in the Western Balkans is a very fragile topic. The seeds of hatred are shared till nowadays
among the generations that make the present and the future of the region.

This project aims to build the competences of youth workers, teachers, young people and community
youth leaders in the Western Balkans, to address and work with reconciliation, countering hate speech
and promoting peace building. Peace building cannot be reached if we don’t all work together, therefore
this project proposes a thorough approach in involving different stakeholders of the community and
equipping them with skills and expertise how to fight these negative phenomena in their environment.
The project seeks to establish a successful practice and with positive regards to establish a network of
association in the WB ad EU who are committed into promoting reconciliation, sharing know how and
fighting hate speech a different levels. By the combination of the working packages and the educational
approaches this proposal not only makes a direct change at personal level of the directly impacted
participants, but also promotes a greater sense of community cohesiveness and brings the reconciliation
discourse to grassroots level, making it more sensible for the communities and reaching out to the
youngsters as direct change makers.

As a result of the project, a desk researche was conducted in each partner country with the topic “Status quo on reconciliation and no hate speech in Albania – Tools and resources available”. You can read the English version of each country document in the following links:

Desk Research -Albania

Desk Research-Bosnia and Herzegovina

Desk Research-Croatia

Desk Research – Serbia

Desk Research-Kosovo

Desk Research-North Macedonia



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