Xhejsika Laci

Xhejsika Laci has started working as project coordinator at Beyond Barriers Association. She has completed Bachelor in Social Work and Master of Science in Social Services Administration, at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tirana. She has previous experience in the Ministry of Health and Social Protection for a period of one year. Her role in MHSP was as a Specialist in the Sector of Policies and Strategies for Social Inclusion and Gender Equality, in the General Directorate of Policies for the Development of Health and Social Protection.

Throughout her work she has coordinated a series of activities such as: promoting the Roma and Egyptian communities, activities for the promotion of gender equality in society, prevention and fight against gender-based violence and domestic violence, coordination and updating of the network of gender officers in 61 Municipalities in Albania, promoting and protecting the rights of LGBTIQ+ persons, etc.

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