We are happy to announce the successful completion of our training session on “Assessing the Impact of Volunteering in Europe”! With 21 managers of volunteers from Albania, the training was a productive and engaging experience for all involved.

Throughout the session, we introduced the V-CALC project co-funded by the EU and presented the platform it has been developed in the frame of the project. During the TC was discussed the significant impact of volunteering on societies, focusing on its role in building social and human capital while promoting shared European values.

A key aspect of the discussions was the theory of change, examining how individual acts of volunteering can contribute to broader societal transformations. We greatly appreciated the active participation and valuable feedback from the participants, which will help to improve the platform.

Participants had the opportunity to work on a simulation workshop and find out how to platform works and how volunteering projects impact individuals and society.

A BIG thank you to everyone who participated in this training session.

For all other interested participants from Albania who could not join this time, stay tuned as another training is coming on 10th April.

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