On february 10th, a promotion activity was organized for the “Digital Skills for NEETS” project and Erasmus Plus in Kukes, Albania. The activity is done in framework of the project Digital Skills for NEETS, funded by the EU under the programme of Erasmus Plus and lead by Udruzenje Svetlost, while Beyond Barriers is a partner in the project.

The activity aimed to introduce the project to the participants and create awareness about digital skills for young people.

The activity started with an introduction to the project aim and objectives. The participants were briefed on the project’s training held in Sabac. The training was focused on digital skills for young people, especially NEETs. The presentation covered various aspects of digitalization and its impact on working with young people.

In the second part of the workshop, the participants were divided into small groups. The groups worked together to identify the positive and negative aspects of digitalization in working with young people. The participants were encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions on how digitalization can help and hinder young people’s access to education and employment opportunities.

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