The project “Realize with your eyes” in collaboration with the Serbian organization Art Mreza held an Evaluation Meeting as the last activity of the project.The project was focused on promoting entrepreneurship and vocational training of young people who are deaf and mute in the field of photography, more specifically stock photography. Participants were selected from 7 different countries: Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania. (5 participants / per country) The first phase of the project was a training on stock photography in March 2019 which was then translated into 7 video tutorials in sign language and adapted into the language of each participating state. The conclusion of the video tutorials and the final phase of the project was Evaluation Meeting. The meeting took place on 15 to 19 January 2020 in Timisoara, Romania. Participants in the project from beyond Barriers organization were Oriana Bani, Vivian Begaj, Emi Chris Baci, Kyd Zacharian and Xhovana Elezaj. During the meeting, each country
presented the relevant video tutorial and concluded the final details of the video after discussions. During the meeting were discussed ways of keeping the project sustainable for the future and as well collaborate all together in future projects. As well was discussed the best ways to promote video
tutorials that were created during the project. The tutorial in Albanian has already been published and we can call it another success for Beyond Barriers Association.

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