About the project

Evidence shows that volunteering is beneficial in many fields, unfortunately the methods used to measure the impact of volunteering are lacking. The V-CALC project enables 800 volunteer managers and coordinators of all ages & diversity to measure and understand the impact of their volunteers. The objectives are to:

  • develop a suitable methodology for gathering data about the numbers and profiles of volunteers, their motivation and impact on society and individual volunteer learning;
  • Create and put in place the user-friendly online platform to gather the information from primary and secondary sources;
  • Train and develop the capacity of volunteer managers and coordinators to gather and provide information about the impact of the volunteers that they engage with and in their countries more widely;
  • Ensure the sustainability of project results by developing the community of practitioners from across Europe in order to promote the use of the V-Calculator and the importance of measuring volunteering for the development of better evidence based policies.
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