Hey friends! Exciting news – we’re back with our second Mobile Journalism workshop at American Corner Tirana! 🌟

This time, we continued our adventure in learning how to spot fake news. Our group of enthusiastic learners dove deeper into the world of media, sharpening their skills to tell real news from the fake stuff. We’re getting even better at understanding messages from TV, the internet, and beyond, and figuring out if they’re trying to fool us.

In this second session, we focused more on how our media knowledge can really make a difference, especially in stopping the spread of false information. Our young experts practiced new techniques to check if a story is true. Now, we’re looking at news and online info with an even keener eye, ready to spot the sneaky lies and made-up tales.

The highlight? A super fun project where everyone used their new skills to uncover the tricks of fake news. We’re all charged up to take our media detective skills into the real world.

What did we come up with? A bunch of amazing projects that sparked conversations – not just showing what we’ve learned, but also starting discussions on why understanding media is crucial and why falling for fake news is a big no-no.

Our dream? To turn all of you into media gurus who can spot fake news from a mile away, anytime, anywhere! We’re wrapping up this second workshop feeling like champions at navigating the media world and fact-checking.

Come join in and let’s keep the conversation going about how important and cool being media-savvy is! πŸ“±πŸŽ₯πŸ“°πŸŽ‰ #BeMediaSmart #NoMoreFakeNews #PowerToTheYouth #CheckTheFacts

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