In the context of the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the “Behave your prints” project, funded by the EU under KA2, recently hosted an insightful training workshop titled “Module 1 – Foundations of Digital Citizenship” on 22.11.2023. Facilitated by Silvia Dervishi, this workshop brought together 20 participants to delve into the complexities of digital citizenship in today’s technology-driven society.

The workshop was a part of our ongoing efforts to address the challenges posed by the rapid growth of digital technologies and their casual, often irresponsible use by young people. Recognizing the need for more informed and thoughtful engagement with digital tools, the “Behave your prints” project aims to enhance the professional development of youth workers. This initiative seeks to empower education in the field of digital citizenship, supporting young people to become active, responsible participants in the digital world, and to manage their online reputation effectively, including those with fewer opportunities.

During the workshop, participants engaged in a series of activities designed to deepen their understanding of digital identity, footprint, and reputation. The session began with a detailed discussion led by Silvia Dervishi, followed by group activities where participants explored various aspects of digital citizenship. This interactive approach allowed for a rich exchange of ideas and personal experiences, highlighting the importance of ethical online behavior and privacy concerns.

A key component of the workshop was the individual reflection exercise, where participants assessed their own digital presence and its implications. This introspective activity led to many revelations about personal digital habits and their long-term effects. The subsequent group discussions further emphasized the need for a more mindful and responsible approach to digital engagement, both in personal and professional contexts.

Feedback from the participants underscored the workshop’s success in enlightening them about the permanence of digital footprints and the significant impact of online actions on digital reputation. The lively discussions and active participation reflected a heightened awareness and a keen interest in adopting more responsible digital behaviors.

This workshop marks a significant step in our journey to foster responsible digital citizenship among young people. By equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills, we aim to prepare them for a future where their online actions align with their professional and social aspirations, ensuring a safer and more responsible digital society.

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