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Divided Past- Joint Future is a project that BBA is implementing since 2016, in partnership with 18 other organizations in the region of WB and EU. The project aims for CSOs to be recognized by governments as an important societal factor with strong capacity to implement peace-building and reconciliation agenda in the WB and Turkey, therefore contributes to security and stability of the region in the process of EU integration. This project is led by our Bosnian partner OKC, and implemented in the following 7 IPA beneficiary countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, and Turkey, also including the project partner organisations from Netherlands, Slovenia, Austria and Croatia.

During 2019, BBA was engaged in different activities for the project where in focus was the advocacy campaign, hosting the Training of Trainers and finalising the last year of the project.  As such few of the project elements were:

The Training of Trainers hosted in March in Durres, organised by OKC and SEEYN, brought together 14 trainers from WB & Turkey. The first WB team of trainers skilled in the use of innovative approaches for social innovation for peace building and reconciliation, is therefore ready to deliver trainings on Social Innovation Lab using cross-stakeholder approach.

Training on Social Innovation in Peacebuilding and Reconciliation was then held by BBA in August 2019, with participation of 4 organisations with 5 participants each. The 4 selected organisations created teams of 5 people coming from CSOs, business sector, public sector, citizens and media representatives that attended the 2 days training and learned how to innovate in their sector and find solutions while engaging the cross sectorial approach.

Among other events BBA also produced a 15-minute video to summarize the whole campaign promotion, with main focus in the National Trainings on Social Innovation in Peacebuilding to give the audience an overview of the whole training process. A poster called the Map on Social innovation on peacebuilding was printed and a Trainers manual on social innovation for peace building that was prepared by SEEYN, was translated in Albanian.


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