Past Project

Youth Artivist for Change


In 2019, BBA became a partner in the regional project Youth Artivist for Change. The project focuses on empowering young filmmakers, storytellers, artists and activists in producing films and performances on human rights /LGBTIQ+ rights and gender equality issues through creative tools such as the use of film, theatre, podcast and storytelling. YAC is a creative and innovative alliance betwee Kosovo, Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania and The Netherlands. The project targets the participation of youth aged 15-24 years old and those working with youth, where the focus is to empower them in their path to change and to create social awareness on Human rights / LGBTIQ+ rights and gender equality through the arts. The alliance consists of a broad coalition of 17 organizations working in the field of: Arts & Culture, Human/LGBT rights, Gender Equality and Youth (Advocacy) Work.


In Albania YAC is led by Open Mind Spectrum Albania (OMSA) and the consortium is composed of the the Dutch partner organization Stichting Art.1, and the Albanian partner organizations Useful to Albanian Women, Open Doors and Academy of Film & Multimedia MARUBI, under the financial support of The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tirana and Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project is under implementation from 2018 and it will be finalised in 2020, with activities happening in Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and North Macedonia.

In late 2019 BBA hosted and organized 2 training course for the project.

Human Rights and Advocacy was a 4 days training of 15 youngsters  with the aim to train young people for human rights, focusing on the rights of LGBTI people and gender equality, as well as to give them knowledge on advocacy and how to mobilize and advocate for their rights.

Training for Trainers for Human rights activists was a 5 days event for 25 young activists from different cites of Albania, where they could acquire the set of skill, knowledge and attitudes on becoming trainers in human rights and LGBTIQ+ issues. They learned the skills, techniques and got a lot of useful resource that can help them become better trainers that work with young people.



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